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Finding my Voice again

After returning from living in Kenya 3 years ago, it hasn't been easy to find my voice again.

I've absolutely loved being here in this beautiful area -walking and swimming and getting to know lovely new people.

Spending time in such stunning places, I have begun to experiment with some land and seascape painting - It felt rude not to!

This has proved to be a huge challenge but worth it.

I've found common threads between here and my other home in Kenya which has somehow helped me to feel more routed. I look up and find the same sun, the same sky... (although there's a few more clouds here!)

There are the familiar contradictions. Its ever changing but always remains the same.

I love that I can stand and look at the sea and sky and know that thousands of years ago someone may have stood on that same spot and seen the very same thing as me. Perhaps thousands of years from now, someone will also stand and look and find the very same view. It's humbling don't you think? and also reassuring- knowing that even though I have come back to so many changes in this culture, nothing really changes does it.

'What has been is what will be, and what has been done is what will be done, and there's nothing new under the sun' . Ecclesiastes 1:9 think that's true.

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